Neha Rajhans

Neha Rajhans, the founder & director of The Success Diaries is a personal & professional image consultant, corporate soft skills trainer, hospitality trainer, Master Neuro Linguistics practitioner and Life Coach. Neha is also a trainer certified by NABET, which is approved by the Govt Of India to train professionals to conduct Train The Trainer programs. With a long and successful stint in customer service and training with leading hospitality brands like Taj Hotels, Starwood Hotels, Carlson Rezidor Hotels, Berggruen Hotels, Ananta Resorts etc, Neha is a successful soft skills trainer and your ideal branding & image advisor.

A confident, dynamic and enthusiastic professional, Neha is a go-getter with a communicative and logical approach. Neha always wins the confidence and respect of colleagues and clients through her poise, strong inter personal and listening skills as well as sound, objective decision making abilities. Several individuals, students, professionals and organizations have already benefited and achieved their goals from Neha’s expert skills and consulting.


  • You must look, behave and communicate like a leader long before you are one. Act like a leader and it will be easier for you to feel like one and become one.
  • You’re always setting an example for every single person around you at every moment. Leaders lead by example and always represent themselves and their company.
  • Your clothes speak very loudly. What you wear says something about who you are, and whom you work for. People should judge you by your cover – just because it’s an excellent one.
  • Your professional imprint is the sum total of your appearance, behavior, communication, and your digital footprint. Looking good is not enough!

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